At Dave Harvey Engineering we are able to provide a wide range of engineering and workshop services, some of which are listed below.

General Services:

  • General and Precision Machining
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Welding – light fabrication
  • Silver Soldering

Our Ancilliary Services:

  • We arrange Plating, Heat Treatment etc., as required
  • We keep stock of parts which are repeatedly ordered, which results in a minimal supply time in the case of an emergency
  • We cater for customers with R&D or prototype machining needs

Our Quality Checks:

  • Each and every drawing is studied for tolerances, fits and overall dimensions. If we believe there is an anomaly with the drawing, we contact the customer to confirm and discuss the item in question.
  • When an order is received the material is ordered and a job card processed. We have a quality checking system in place which begins as soon as the material enters the shop. Every piece of material is checked individually for size and condition before the job is started. The material also is checked off against our orders and our Supplier’s Delivery Docket to ensure that only the right grade and sizes are used.
  • Once the job is commenced, the first part machined is inspected by the machinist performing the operation. Then a First Off Inspection is done by another machinist to ensure the job is correct. The machinist then checks each individual item as it is manufactured. Each operation the part goes through is subjected to this quality assurance process. When the parts have passed through all the operations and inspections a rust proofing fluid is applied. The items are then tagged with the Part number, Customer PO number, our Job number and are then promptly dispatched.